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edit engine

I now edit the Road to was in the roster as Union Pacific Edit button

Road Number was imported correctly.

Model was imported correctly Edit button

Type was not in Roster so set to

Edit button

Length was set to default so edit to which is the correct length of body not including couplers.
Edit button

Location and Track

Location is not imported from the Roster, So I located the locomotive at and set on .

Horsepower was not imported, so set to as this model was basically two 2500 HP units on a single frame.


Consist not set. Edit button

Built not entered.

Owner is not imported, so selected .

Edit button

No Comment for this locomotive

Now to store press and this will add the edits to any edited menu item.

updates your Operations Locomotive Roster.

Take a look at the Edited Operations Locomotive Roster, note the highlighted entry which we just edited.


Continue until all editing is completed, Save and exit window.


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