JMRI : CBUS® Hub Control

CBUS Hub Control since 5.3.4

CBUS Hub Control enables a physical CAN connection to be shared across a Network Connection.

This connection is accessible on the local device, enabling other applications to send and receive CAN Frames.

The CBUS Hub Control borrows code extensively from the OpenLCB Hub Control.

The only differences being :

The Hub Control will need to be running on the host JMRI instance before remote connections connect.
You can start the Hub by the Main JMRI Menubar, MERG ( or connection name ) > CBUS Hub Control
The CBUS Hub Control can also be opened by adding as a System Startup Action.

If you are connecting another JMRI instance to the Hub, it's sensible to set a different CAN ID for that connection.

Sharing your CAN Connection with MERG CBUS FCU

FCU Network Setup

After starting CBUS Hub Control, open up FCU.

Most users should not have to be concerned about CAN ID clashes when using both programs on the same CAN connection.
The default for a JMRI MERG CAN-USB is 127 while FCU defaults to 125.


You can view this help page within JMRI by selecting Help > Window Help in the top bar of the CBUS Hub Control window.

Main JMRI CBUS Help page.

CBUS® is a registered trade mark of Dr Michael Bolton