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Using JMRI® to Operate Trains

OperationsPro: Add Staging Only

To add a Location with Tracks as Staging Only, open the Add Location window;
note most of the window is greyed out until the Location has been added.


Define the Staging Location

Type a new Name for the Staging only Location (Area).

The Location Name must be unique; the program will not allow two Locations with identical names. However, if you want more than one Location to have the same name for your Manifests and Switch Lists, add a hyphen and a number to the locations name. For example, "Boston-1" and "Boston-2" will print as "Boston". The program will remove the hyphen and number when printing manifests and switch lists.

Select Operations (Tracks) at this location Staging Only, then press the at the bottom of the window.

This opens the Add Location window with all the options enabled.

You may select This location is serviced by trains traveling, select at least one or any number of the directions depending on access to your staging. We have selected All directions for this staging Location.

You can decide which train direction the Location can service. For example, if only south bound trains can access the Location, select "South" and deselect the other directions. This can be useful if you want to support only trailing point switching for a given Location. If a Location can support multiple directions then select the ones that are appropriate.

Using Select the rolling stock serviced by this location you can control the rolling stock that a location can service. Push Clear All to deselect all types, or Select All to select all types, then select or deselect the rolling stock you wish the location to accept.

Since we selected Operations (Tracks) at this location as Staging Only, the Add Staging Track is now enabled near the bottom of the window.

We also have the option to Delete Location or Save Location .

Adding the Staging Tracks

A Staging Only area may contain one or more Tracks that must be defined next.

After you click on Add Staging Track the Add Staging Track window is displayed, so that you can detail the staging one Track at a time.

In Name type the name for the Staging Track to be serviced at this Location.

Length of the Staging Track in scale feet. You may enter the measurement in actual inches as and the program will convert to the scale feet that you select during setup.

Press Add Staging Track , the Staging Track is added and the greyed out features are activated.

You may Select the roads serviced by this track

Accept all

Default accepts rolling stock from any railroad.

Accept only

Allows you to list the railroads whose rolling stock you will accept.


Accept all rolling stock except from those railroads that are excluded.

We will use the default. If you want to edit the Roads accepted go to Add Cars then Edit Roads, to add another selection to the Roads drop-down list.

Select the loads serviced by this track

Accept all

Default accepts any load

Accept only

Allows you to select the loads you will accept.

Allows you to exclude any load you do not want service by this track.

Select trains or routes for arrivals




Exclude Trains

Exclude Routes

Optional car load controls

Swap default loads and empties

Empty cars with default loads

Optional custom car load controls

Empty cars with custom loads

Generated custom loads for spurs serviced by this train

Generate custom loads for any spur (multiple trains)

Optional Car Blocking

Block cars by pickup location

You may enter a Comment for the track.

Now press Add Staging Track to add the new Track to this Location or press Delete Staging Track if you do not want to store the Track.

If you want to add another Track to this Staging Only Location, enter new data and press Save Staging Track to add another Track.

Note: if you are running a Train to and from the same Staging Location, you must define two Staging Tracks in OperationsPro, one to depart and one to return on. Physically, the Tracks can be the same physical staging track.

Close the Add Staging Track window when done with this Staging Location.

After completing the above actions our Add Location example window now shows one Staging Track ("Track1") in this Staging Area Location:

Changing a Staging Only Track

If you want to change information for any Track entry, press Edit and the Edit Staging Track panel will open.

Note that it is identical to the Add Interchange and Yard Track panes except for the title.

Change any of the entries that you want to edit and then click Save Staging Track to save the changes.

You may also Delete Staging Track from your database.

When done with editing close the Add Staging Track pane.
If you did not yet save your new Staging Location, select Save Location in the Add Location pane before you close that too.

You may add as many Locations and Tracks as needed to complete the description of your layout.