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OperationsPro: Cars window

This window is opened from the main PanelPro/DecoderPro® Tools menu, or from its Operations menu; and alternatively from Location pane Tools menu, Show Cars and various windows' Operations menus.

The Cars window allows you to view and edit your Car Roster or add a Car by entering a Car's Number, Road, Type and Length. The program will automatically calculate the Car's weight based on length and the scale you are modeling. Optionally the Car's Color, Build date, Load and Owner can be added. You may want to switch a group of Cars as a unit, then you may create a "Kernel". You can assign any number of Cars to a Kernel but the type of the first Car assigned will be used by the program to determine if the Kernel is allowed at a Location. The entire length of the Kernel is used to determine if the Cars in the Kernel will fit at a Location.
Note that the program also includes space for each Car's couplers when calculating the length of a Kernel.

The complete Cars Roster is displayed:

show cars

To the right of each Car entry

Set button opens the Set Car Location window.

Edit button opens the Edit Car window, similar to the Add Car window.

Bottom of the panel

A series of radio buttons that allow you to select the sort order. Also the total number of Cars is displayed.

Add button opens the Add Car window and allows you to add a new Car to your Roster.

Save button saves the Car Roster to disk.

Find Used to find a Car by its Road Number. The wild card "*" (without quotes) may be used when entering a car number.

For example, if you want to find all the Cars with a Number ending in ...345 , enter *345 and each time you press on Find , the next Car with the ...345 ending will be displayed.

New in v3.6: More compact Roster sorting

Instead of 14 identical Radio buttons, a more compact grouping of sort buttons fills the bottom of the pane. Clicking one of the buttons inside a grey rectangle hides the other items in the group and sorts the Roster. Selecting "Color" would hide the "Load" column and vice versa.

Cars Roster pane v3.8 with new Sort buttons

Cars panel menu bar