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JMRI supports working with your layout from a web browser.
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JMRI: Tables Servlet

The JMRI Tables Servlet provides web access to information about JMRI objects such as Turnouts and Sensors.

This servlet responds to the following URL patterns:

Lists all potentially supported data types (in a table).
Displays an operating list of objects of that type (or "No data for this table." in case of an empty list).
The table updates dynamically to reflect changes in JMRI. Click the State column entry to toggle the state of that item in JMRI.
<type> is one of: turnout, sensor, route, reporter etc.
Query string of key=value pairs, where the specified column (key) value must match the specified value. For example, /tables/car?trainId=12&location=Lakeview will only show cars which have trainID of 12 and location of Lakeview. Use ? to start the query string and separate multiple parameters with &. Any columns in the table can be used as a filter. Note: Both key and value are case-sensitive.