Permissive Block Working

In the previous section of the tutorial, we placed the signal masts on the Layout and created the rules between them.

With all the rules in place, the signals worked correctly, following the position of turnouts and the occupancy of blocks. There was, however, one exception, the Calling-On light which is part of the Down Approach signal.

The Calling-On light should be illuminated to permit shunting past the signal into the Bay, even if the Bay is occupied. This is done by changing the status of the Bay Block in the Blocks Table to be "permissive". The check-box for "permissive" is at the right of the very wide Blocks Table, so scrolling will probably be necessary.

Once the Block is set to "permissive", the Calling-On light will behave correctly.

The video below shows the creation of the permissive state in the Bay Block.

The JMRI Panel file for the layout at this stage of the tutorial is available below

[ Link to Panel File 6 ]

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