Package jmri.jmrix

Interface Message

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMessage, AbstractMRMessage, AbstractMRReply, AcelaMessage, AcelaReply, CanMessage, CanReply, ConcentratorMessage, ConcentratorReply, Dcc4PcMessage, Dcc4PcReply, DCCppMessage, DCCppReply, EasyDccMessage, EasyDccReply, EcosMessage, EcosReply, GridConnectDoubledMessage, GridConnectMessage, GridConnectReply, IEEE802154Message, IEEE802154Reply, JMRIClientMessage, JMRIClientReply, LocoNetMessage, MarklinMessage, MarklinReply, MergMessage, MergReply, Message, Message, NceMessage, NceReply, QsiMessage, QsiReply, Reply, Reply, RfidMessage, RfidReply, SerialMessage, SerialMessage, SerialMessage, SerialMessage, SerialMessage, SerialMessage, SerialMessage, SerialReply, SerialReply, SerialReply, SerialReply, SerialReply, SerialReply, SerialReply, SpecificMessage, SpecificMessage, SpecificMessage, SpecificMessage, SpecificReply, SpecificReply, SpecificReply, SpecificReply, SpeedoReply, SprogMessage, SprogReply, SRCPMessage, SRCPReply, StandaloneMessage, StandaloneReply, TamsMessage, TamsReply, XBeeMessage, XBeeReply, XNetMessage, XNetReply, XpaMessage, Z21Message, Z21Reply, Z21XNetMessage, Z21XNetReply

public interface Message
Basic interface for messages to and from the layout hardware.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    int getElement​(int n)
    Get a particular element in a Message.
    int getNumDataElements()
    Get the number of data elements in a Message.
    void setElement​(int n, int v)
    Set a single Data Element at a particular index.
    default String toMonitorString()  
    String toString()