Class MergMessage

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public class MergMessage
extends GridConnectMessage
Class for messages for a MERG CAN-RS hardware adapter.

The MERG variant of the GridConnect protocol encodes messages as an ASCII string of up to 24 characters of the form: :ShhhhNd0d1d2d3d4d5d6d7; hhhh is the two byte (11 useful bits) header The S indicates a standard CAN frame :XhhhhhhhhNd0d1d2d3d4d5d6d7; The X indicates an extended CAN frame Strict Gridconnect protocol allows a variable number of header characters, e.g., a header value of 0x123 could be encoded as S123 rather than S0123 or X00000123. We choose a fixed number, either 4 or 8 bytes when sending GridConnectMessages to keep MERG CAN-RS/USB adapters happy. The 11 bit standard header is left justified in these 4 bytes. The 29 bit standard header is sent as <11 bit SID><0><1><0>< 18 bit EID> N or R indicates a normal or remote frame, in position 6 or 10 d0 - d7 are the (up to) 8 data bytes