Class Reply

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    public class Reply
    extends AbstractMRReply
    Class for replies in a LAWICELL message/reply protocol.

    The Lawicell adapter protocol encodes messages as an ASCII string of up to 24 characters of the form: tiiildd...[CR] Tiiiiiiiildd...[CR] The t or T indicates a standard or extended CAN frame iiiiiiii is the header as hex digits l is the number of bytes of data dd are the (up to) 8 data bytes

    RTR Extended frames start with an R, RTR standard frames with r.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Reply

        public Reply​(java.lang.String s)
    • Method Detail

      • setData

        public void setData​(int[] d)
      • getHeader

        public int getHeader()
        Get the CAN header as an int
        int the CAN ID
      • getNumBytes

        public int getNumBytes()
        Get the number of data bytes
        int the number of bytes
      • getByte

        public int getByte​(int b)
        Get a hex data byte from the message

        Data bytes are encoded as two ASCII hex digits. The starting position is byte 10 or byte 5, depending on whether this is an extended or standard message

        b - The byte offset (0 - 7)
        The value