Package jmri

Interface NameIncrementingManager

    • Method Detail

      • allowMultipleAdditions

        default boolean allowMultipleAdditions​(@Nonnull
                                               java.lang.String systemName)
        Determines if it is possible to add a range of NamedBeans in numerical order for a particular system implementation.

        Default is not providing this service. Systems should override this method if they do provide the service.

        systemName - the system name to check against; appears to be ignored in all implementations
        true if possible; false otherwise
      • getNextValidSystemName

        default java.lang.String getNextValidSystemName​(@Nonnull
                                                        NamedBean currentBean)
                                                 throws JmriException
        Get the next valid NamedBean system name.

        For example, if the system name of the provided NamedBean is IS10, the next valid name is IS11.

        This should not be called if allowMultipleAdditions(java.lang.String) returns false.

        Pays no attention to whether the next NamedBean already exists or not, just works out the name. Nor is there any guarantee that the return value can actually be created: a provide() call on the return value can still perhaps fail in some circumstances.

        In some cases, there is no clear next address. In that case, a JmriException is thrown. For example, some systems have no concept of a "next" address; Internal sensors don't necessarily have numeric suffixes; etc.

        Default implementation works for names of the form (prefix)(type letter)(numeric string) by incrementing the numeric string as needed.

        currentBean - The NamedBean who's system name that provides the base for "next"
        The next valid system name
        JmriException - If unable to create a valid next address