JMRI Defense: Correspondence

Before this case went to court, there was direct postal-mail correspondence between various people. This page lets you get to copies of those letters. domain name

Letter to Matt Katzer regarding domain name, dated November 8, 2004

(No reply to this was ever received)

Patent correspondence

Letter from Kevin Russell of Chernoff, Vilhauer, McClung & Stenzel LLP, dated March 8, 2005.

Bob Jacobsen's reply to CVMS, dated March 29, 2005

Second letter from CVMS, dated August 24, 2005
Enclosed invoice for $203,000.00

Third letter from CVMS, dated October 20, 2005 and included invoice.

On October 27, 2005, CVMS sent a request under the Freedom of Information Act to the Department of Energy requesting, among other things, copies of Bob Jacobsen's private email.
Text of the request, with attachments

Fourth letter from CVMS, dated January 3, 2006.
This referenced a letter of November 23, 2005 and associated "Statement of Account". Note that the November 23, 2005 letter that was supposed to have been "refused" is misaddressed. Nobody at the correct address remembers refusing a letter. Perhaps the USPS never attempted to deliver it there.

Bob Jacobsen's reply to CVMS, January 31, 2006.

Fifth letter from CVMS, dated February 7, 2006.