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Using JMRI® to Operate Trains

OperationsPro: Manifest Print Options


You can modify how JMRI® OperationsPro prints the Train Manifests and the amount of detail that the Build Report provides.

Print Options

fosnt font size message format pick up color set out color color move switch List
Select the desired Font and Size.
Select if you want the Manifest printed in tabular format. It works best with mono-spaced fonts, Courier or Monospaced. Page Orientation
Assign Manifest print color for Car or Locomotive Pick Up
Assign Manifest print color for Car or Locomotive Set Out
Assign Manifest print color when the operation is to move a Car from one track to another at the same Location.
Select if you want the Switch List in the same format as the Manifest.

Pick Up Locomotive Message Format

You may customize the messages for your Manifest and Switch List printing. Select formats from the dropdown menus. To remove an attribute, select blank. The Prefixes in the text boxes may be edited. If you want to use the text color options, the Set Out, Pick Up and Move prefixes must be unique.

Set Out Locomotive Message Format

Pick Up Car Message Format

Set Out Car Message Format

Local Mover Message Format

Manifest Options
Each Location can have an optional comment. You can print these comments on your Manifest if they are selected.

Print Valid Prints the time of the train build, not the time the manifest was printed.
Location. allows location comment for each car is selected
Route allows comments about location for each car if selected
Loads and Empties to show how many car loads and empties are in the train.
12hr Format default is 24 hr clock
Departure Times to print departure times on manifest
Show Train Schedule shows which train schedule was used when train build was made.
Reduces the amount of information at a location that has a separate switch list.

Manifest Preview

Use Text Editor

The Add Logo button allows you to add a logo in the top right hand corner of your Manifests and Switch Lists. Press Add Logo and select a file with the image you want to display. Each Train in your Roster may have a different logo; this is set in Trains Setup

Misplaced Cars Comment

Allows you to add a notification for operators to be looking for Cars that have been misplaced.

Hazardous Comment

You can declare a car load as Hazardous.

New in v3.8:
  • New Manifest and Switch List format: two columns, one for pulls and one for spots, with your Track names centered in each column.
  • Add headers in Manifests and Switch Lists describing each of the Car attributes. Select "Print Headers" in the "Manifest Print Options". You can also customize all of the header text: "Manifest Print Options" panel -> Tools -> Edit Header Text menu.

Be sure to press Save after changing the Manifest Print selections.