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Using JMRI® to Operate Trains

OperationsPro: Edit Train

The Edit Train window is opened from the Trains Window using the Edit button for any train in the list.


Menu bar


Edit train
Train Build Options --
Manifest Options --
Copy Train --
copy train
Scripts-- Opens the Scripts window allow scripts to be added to the build
Show Car Types Serviced

Train Conductor
Print Manifest
Preview Manifest
Print Build Report
Preview Build Report

Reset Train allows you to remove Locomotives and Cars that have been assigned to a Train. Useful when you want to try various build options and don't want to physically move Locomotive and Cars on the railroad.

Press Save Train to save your train. The program will create a file (OperationsTrainRoster.xml) in your JMRI directory in a folder called "operations". A backup file with the last settings for all of your Trains is also created each time the Save Train button is pressed.

Note that the edited Train is now shown in the Trains window.