JMRI: Examples of LDT Signaling

This file contains a few configuration examples for the LDT LS-DEC signal head. There are examples of signals from several prototype signaling systems:

Examples are based on connection examples published on manufacturer's website.

JMRI Configuration

LDT add panel

You have to add each LDT signal using the Signal Head Add/Edit panel from the Signal Head Table. Select "LDT LS-DEC" for the Signal Connection type, and the window will show seven lines for configuring which turnout command JMRI sends to the decoder for each of the JMRI Signal Appearances.

The LDT decoders present a particular set of output lights depending on what turnout command is received, so this panel lets you connect what JMRI wants (e.g. "Green", indicating clear to proceed) with the railway-specific appearance on the LDT decoder ("1 thrown", which lights the "1-proceed" aspect for SBB 7-lamp signals, for example).

The example links at the top of the page give you examples of how to fill out this form to get the right appearances for various railroads.

Supported Decoders

The JMRI LDT LS-DEC signal head can be configured for following decoders.

Littfinski DatenTechnik (LDT)

For more information, please see

LS-DEC-DB 8 addresses 4 signal heads

LS-DEC-DR 8 addresses 2 - 4 signal heads

LS-DEC-OEBB 8 addresses 4 signal heads

LS-DEC-SBB 4 or 8 addresses 2 signal heads

LS-DEC-NS 8 addresses 4 signal heads

Marathon Model

For more information, please see

DP2N 8 addresses 2 - 8 signal heads