Class ProgDebugger

All Implemented Interfaces:
AddressedProgrammer, PropertyChangeFirer, PropertyChangeProvider, Programmer

public class ProgDebugger
extends PropertyChangeSupport
implements AddressedProgrammer
Debugging implementation of Programmer interface.

Note that running a simulated LocoNet connection, HexFileFrame.configure() will substitute the ProgDebugger instead of the LnOpsModeProgrammer, overriding readCV(String, ProgListener) and writeCV(String, int, ProgListener).

Remembers writes, and returns the last written value when a read to the same CV is made.

Only supports the DCC single-number address space, should be updated to handle any string address. As a temporary fix we simply discard the first part of any CV name containing "." and use the rest. TODO Fully support numberformat "113.12" in ProgDebugger (used in LOCONETLNCVMODE and LOCONETBDOPSWMODE)