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Interface ProgListener

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AbstractIdentify, AbstractProgrammerServer, AccessoryOpsModeProgrammerFacade, AddressedHighCvProgrammerFacade, ConsistController, CvValue, Dcc4PcOpsModeProgrammer.ProxyProgList, DccConsist, DualDecoderSelectPane, EasyDccConsist, IdentifyDecoder, IdentifyLoco, JmriSRCPProgrammerServer, JsonProgrammerServer, LocoNetConsist, MultiIndexProgrammerFacade, NceConsist, NmraConsist, OffsetHighCvProgrammerFacade, OpsModeDelayedProgrammerFacade, PaneProgDp3Action, ResettingOffsetHighCvProgrammerFacade, SimpleProgFrame, SpeedoConsoleFrame, TwoIndexTcsProgrammerFacade, VerifyWriteProgrammerFacade, WiFiConsist, XNetConsist

public interface ProgListener
extends EventListener
Allow notification of the completion of programming operations.

This allows a Programmer object to return delayed status, including the CV value from a read operation. For simplicity, expect these to be returned to be on the GUI thread. See the discussion in the Programmer.readCV(...), Programmer.writeCV(...) and Programmer.confirmCV(...) methods.

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  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    static int CommError
    Constant denoting that a communications error occurred between the command station and the PC during programming
    static int ConfirmFailed
    Constant denoting that confirm failed, likely due to another value being present
    static int FailedTimeout
    Constant denoting that the programming operation timed out
    static int NoAck
    Constant denoting there was no acknowledge from the locomotive, so the CV may or may not have been written on a write.
    static int NoLocoDetected
    Constant denoting that no decoder was detected on the programming track
    static int NotImplemented
    Constant denoting that the request failed because it requested some unimplemented capability.
    static int OK
    Constant denoting that the request completed correctly.
    static int ProgrammerBusy
    Constant denoting that the request failed because the decoding hardware was already busy
    static int ProgrammingShort
    Constant denoting that a short circuit occurred while programming
    static int SequenceError
    Constant denoting that there was an error with the programming sequence (such as early exit)
    static int UnknownError
    Constant denoting the request failed, but no specific reason is known
    static int UserAborted
    Constant denoting that the user (human or software) aborted the request before completion
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    void programmingOpReply​(int value, int status)
    Receive a callback at the end of a programming operation.