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Interface AddressedProgrammer

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CbusDccOpsModeProgrammer, CbusProgrammer, Dcc4PcOpsModeProgrammer, DCCppOpsModeProgrammer, EasyDccOpsModeProgrammer, EcosOpsModeProgrammer, LnOpsModeProgrammer, MrcOpsModeProgrammer, NceOpsModeProgrammer, OlcbProgrammer, ProgDebugger, SprogOpsModeProgrammer, TamsOpsModeProgrammer, XNetOpsModeProgrammer, Z21XNetOpsModeProgrammer

public interface AddressedProgrammer
extends Programmer
Provide access to the hardware DCC decoder programming capability.

Programmers come in multiple types:

  • Global, previously "Service Mode" or on a programming track
  • Addressed, previously "Ops Mode" also known as "programming on the main"
Different equipment may also require different programmers:
  • DCC CV programming, on service mode track or on the main
  • CBUS Node Variable programmers
  • LocoNet System Variable programmers
  • LocoNet Op Switch programmers
  • etc
Depending on which type you have, only certain modes can be set. Valid modes are specified by the class static constants.

You get a Programmer object from an AddressedProgrammerManager, which in turn can be located from the InstanceManager.

Starting in JMRI 3.5.5, the CV addresses are Strings for generality. The methods that use ints for CV addresses will later be deprecated.

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See Also:
AddressedProgrammerManager, Programmer