Package jmri.jmrix.mqtt

Provides JMRI layout objects that use MQTT connections.

Currently just Turnouts.

Default system letter is "M".

This code isn't invoked currently. To make it available, you could e.g. add the following to setCommandStation in the InstanceManager, though that's a pretty brittle design:

 // since there is a command station available,
 // create a DCC turnout manager and make available
 if (getList(jmri.jmrix.dcc.DccTurnoutManager.class) == null || getList(jmri.jmrix.dcc.DccTurnoutManager.class).size() == 0) {
 jmri.jmrix.dcc.DccTurnoutManager m = new jmri.jmrix.dcc.DccTurnoutManager();
 store(m, jmri.jmrix.dcc.DccTurnoutManager.class);

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