Class RosterEntry

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BasicRosterEntry, BeanInterface, PropertyChangeFirer, PropertyChangeProvider, RosterObject

    public class RosterEntry
    extends ArbitraryBean
    implements RosterObject, BasicRosterEntry
    RosterEntry represents a single element in a locomotive roster, including information on how to locate it from decoder information.

    The RosterEntry is the central place to find information about a locomotive's configuration, including CV and "programming variable" information. RosterEntry handles persistence through the LocoFile class. Creating a RosterEntry does not necessarily read the corresponding file (which might not even exist), please see readFile(), writeFile() member functions.

    All the data attributes have a content, not null. FileName, however, is special. A null value for it indicates that no physical file is (yet) associated with this entry.

    When the filePath attribute is non-null, the user has decided to organize the roster into directories.

    Each entry can have one or more "Attributes" associated with it. These are (key, value) pairs. The key has to be unique, and currently both objects have to be Strings.

    All properties, including the "Attributes", are bound.

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