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Interface BasicRosterEntry

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    public interface BasicRosterEntry
    BasicRosterEntry represents a single element in a locomotive roster, including information on how to locate it from decoder information.

    This interface is to allow access to the Basic details of a Roster entry.

    Primarily this only deals as a method to provide other packages with access to the information rather than being able set or create items. However access to set and get Attributes is allowed so that attributes like running duration can be recorded, with the store option also available.

    This interface should probably be called RosterEntry, but this would result in another class with the same name; refactoring of that class would be a big job and would potentially cause issue with users scripts etc.

    For Full read/write and creation of RosterEntries use the @link jmri.jmrit.roster.RosterEntry

    All properties, including the "Attributes", are bound.

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