Class PickListModel<E extends NamedBean>

Type Parameters:
E - the supported type of NamedBean
All Implemented Interfaces:
PropertyChangeListener, Serializable, EventListener, TableModel
Direct Known Subclasses:
PickListModel.BlockPickModel, PickListModel.EntryExitPickModel, PickListModel.LightPickModel, PickListModel.LogixPickModel, PickListModel.MemoryPickModel, PickListModel.OBlockPickModel, PickListModel.ReporterPickModel, PickListModel.SensorPickModel, PickListModel.SignalHeadPickModel, PickListModel.SignalMastPickModel, PickListModel.TurnoutPickModel, PickListModel.WarrantPickModel

public abstract class PickListModel<E extends NamedBean>
extends BeanTableDataModel<E>
Abstract class to make pick lists for NamedBeans; Table model for pick lists in IconAdder

Concrete pick list class for many beans are include at the end of this file. This class also has instantiation methods serve as a factory for those classes.

Note: Extensions of this class must call init() after instantiation.

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