Class PickListModel.OBlockPickModel

    • Method Detail

      • getManager

        public Manager<OBlockgetManager()
        Get the Table Model Bean Manager. In many cases, especially around Model startup, this will be the Proxy Manager, which is then changed to the hardware specific manager.
        Specified by:
        getManager in class PickListModel<OBlock>
        current Manager in use by the Model.
      • addBean

        public OBlock addBean​(@Nonnull
                              java.lang.String name)
                       throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        Return bean with name given in parameter. Create if needed and possible.
        Specified by:
        addBean in class PickListModel<OBlock>
        name - the System name for the Bean.
        the Bean or null if not made.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - with reason why Bean cannot be created.
      • canAddBean

        public boolean canAddBean()
        Check if beans can be added by this model.
        Specified by:
        canAddBean in class PickListModel<OBlock>
        true if model can create beans; false otherwise