Package jmri

Interface Logix

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<NamedBean>, NamedBean, PropertyChangeProvider
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public interface Logix
extends NamedBean
A Logix is a group of Conditionals that monitor one or more conditions (internal or on the layout). It services these Conditionals by installing and deinstalling the proper listeners for their variables.

A Logix can be enabled or not. It passes this attribute to its Conditionals. By default it is enabled. When not enabled, a Conditional will still respond to callbacks from its listeners and calculate its state, however it will not execute its actions. Enabled is a bound property of a Logix.

A Logix can be deactivated or not. When deactivated, the listeners of the Conditional variables are deinstalled.

A Logix does not have a "state", however, each of its Conditionals does.

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