JMRI: Netherlands Prorail 1955 Signaling Definition

This directory contains signaling definitions originally worked out following five minutes of study of the Netherlands (Dutch) signals page on Wikipedia. This set is named ProRail 1954 in JMRI but it is officially referenced as "1955".
In version 2 information on Rule numbers and additional Indications were added, based on the official Dutch 'Regeling Spoorverkeer' (Railroad Regulation) Annex 4.


Rule # High Dwarf Appro Appearance Appearance name Preceding for Main Preceding for Diverging Marc Pieters #
201 x green Clear Clear 18
202 x flashing green + number (not "4") Medium (Diverging) N/A Diverging Approach Medium
206 x x x flashing green (= "4") Limited (Diverging) N/A Diverging Approach Medium 14
209 yellow + flashing number Approach Medium Clear 10
210 x yellow + number Diverging Approach Medium Approach Medium 12
212 x x x yellow Approach Clear 8
214 x x flashing yellow Restricting Approach 6
215 x x red Stop Approach 2
216 white N/A N/A
N/A x x flashing red Track Out of Service Stop 4
N/A x x x dark Not Lit


See the Aspects page.

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