The JMRI Manual
Installing JMRI
Using DecoderPro®
DecoderPro® Programming Modes
The Basic Programmer
The Comprehensive Programmer
DecoderPro® Main Window
Creating a Decoder Definition
Error Messages

DecoderPro® Main Window

Tools Menu

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Programmers arrow

Opens the Simple Programmer

Opens the Service Mode Programmer.

Opens the Ops-Mode Programmer.

Opens the Multi-Decoder Control window.

Tables arrow (advanced users, beyond the scope of this manual)

A series of tables that are used with PanelPro Panels to automate your layout.

Throttles arrow

Opens a Throttle window (more than one throttle may be in use at a time)

Displays the Save dialog box to save your throttle as an XML file to the default folder, in Windows XP: C:\Document and Settings\userName,\JMRI,\throttles. This can be changed in the save dialog box.

Displays the Open dialog box allowing you to select a throttle file that has been saved in the default folder above, or the location of your choice.

Saves your current Thottle as the default layout

Loads the Throttle that you saved as the default

Consisting Tool...

Opens the Consist Control window.

Clocks arrow

Opens Fast Clock Setup window

nixie clock

LCD clock

Analog clock

Power Control...

Opens the Power Control Panel, which allows you to turn the power to layout ON/OFF

Power control

Turnout Control...

Simple Signal Logic (advanced users, beyond the scope of this manual)

Sensor Groups.... (advanced users, beyond the scope of this manual)


Light Control...

Dispatcher... (advanced users, beyond the scope of this manual)


Send DCC Packet... (not covered in this manual)


USS CTC Tool arrow(advanced users, beyond the scope of this manual)



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