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Using JMRI® to Operate Trains

Operations Locomotive Window

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The Locomotives window allows you to edit your engine roster. You can enter an engine's number, road, model, type, and length. You can optionally add the engine's build date and owner. If you want a group of engines to be assigned as a unit, you can create a "consist". The engine type is used by the program to determine where engines are picked up and or stored at the various locations on your layout. Some of default engine types are electric, diesel, gas turbine, and steam.


Menu Bar

engine menu


Operations -- same as DecoderPro® Operations menu

Window -- same as other JMRI® menus.

Help -- same as other JMRI® menus.

Body of window

Sort by -- select the radio button for the attribute you wish to sort by.

when selected opens the Add Locomotive window.

Saves the locomotive roster to disk.

Locate a locomotive in your roster, when you type the road number into the text box.

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