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DecoderPro® Main Window

Roster Menu

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Opens DecoderPro Roster Window.

Create Entry...

Opens New Roster Entry Setup Pane.

Edit Entry...

Opens Edit Roster Entry Setup Pane.

Copy Entry...

Opens the Select roster entry dialog box. After you select the roster, the Input prompt will be displayed. Useful when you have two locomotives with the same decoder program but different addresses.

Import Entry...

The Open dialog is displayed, select the roster file (roster.xml) that you wish to import. The Input prompt will be displayed. The roster file will be imported, update your roster index in the Debug menu.

Export Entry...

Opens the Select roster entry dialog box. Next the Save dialog will be displayed, select the location where you would like to save the roster file.

Delete Entry...

Opens Delete roster entry prompt box. Used to remove an entry from the DecoderPro roster.

Print Summary...

Opens your operating systems printer dialog and when print is selected, prints a complete summary of your roster entries. (typically 5 entries per page, so be prepared to print several pages).

Print Preview Summary...

Open print preview window and displays your roster but nothing will be sent to the printer.

Roster Groupsarrow

Roster Grouping allows you to allocate Roster Entries into different groups. If for example you run multiple layouts with different locomotives, you can allocate those locomotives to the relative group, thus when you select a roster group to work with, the drop down lists in the throttle or edit roster entries will only contain locomotives that are in that specific list.

When working with a Roster Group, some of the functions above change slightly.

Export Complete Roster...

Opens the Save dialog box to allow you to select directory and name the file.

DecoderPro3® Roster Window

Opens in DecoderPro3® Window. (See DecoderPro3® Manual.)

DP3 Roster


New Roster Setup Pane

Create Roster

Select a decoder that matches the one installed in your locomotive. The Open Programmer button will now become activated and you'll be able to move on with the Programmer selected from the drop-down list, then click on the Open Programmer button, the selected Programmer window will open. All programmers, Basic and Comprehensive, open to the Roster Entry pane.


Edit Roster Entry Setup Pane

Edit Roster setup

Select the roster entry from the drop-down list that you wish to edit. Select the Programmer format that you wish to use from the drop-down list. Click on the Open Programmer button and Roster Entry Pane of selected programmer will open.


Select roster entry dialog box.

Deleter Rosterselect roster entry

From the drop-down list select the roster that you wish to process, then click on the OK button. Click Cancel button if you wish to abort this function.


Input prompt

input dialog

Type the name of the new roster you wish to process then click on the OK button. Click Cancel button if you wish to abort this function.


Delete roster entry prompt

Select the roster from the drop-down list that you wish to delete from DecoderPro. Click OK and the Confirmation box Delete entry fileName? is displayed.. Click Cancel button if you wish to abort this function.

confirm delete

Yes button deletes file, No button aborts the operation.


Print and Print Preview

Both generate a printout that looks like this. The difference is that preview is only on your screen, whereas print summary prints it onto paper. (HINT: Print to pdf file and review. Then you can print anytime or print selected pages.)

pritned page


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