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PRICOM Pocket Tester


Pocket Tester

The DCC Pocket Tester is portable, reliable, and accurate way to test and verify the DCC Protocol. It can be connected to your serial port to monitor traffic from DecoderPro.

Pocket Connection Tester dialog

pocket tester connection

With the pocket tester connected to your COM n port, you may select that COM port from the Serial port drop-down list. The speed that you want to use for testing can be selected from the Speed drop-down list. Click on the to open the connection. This opens the Pocket Tester Connection window.

Pocket Tester Connection

The middle pane shows options to select the packets that you wish to view.

Show All

Only Show Accessory Decoder Packets

Only Show Mobile Decoder Packets

Init button initializes the tester..

Get Version button queries the tester for its version information.

Open New: (at the bottom of window)

Traffic Monitor button—opens the Monitor window.

Packet Table button—Opens the Packet Monitorr window.

PRICOM Packet Monitor

DCC Status button—Open the DCC Status window.

DCC Status