JMRI: CBUS Network Simulation Tool

CBUS Network Simulator screenshot

The tool will start in the background of a CAN Simulation MERG Hardware Connection.

You can also start the simulator manually for all connections by opening via the main MERG menu.

Default options are shown on the right.

You can add extra command stations, nodes or event responders by selecting Add in the top menu.

Direction and Delay

Direction and delay are unique to each simulated object.

Command Stations

You can select between a standard command station, along with disabling the command station.

disabling the command station will cancel any current sessions.

The number to the right of the dropdown indicates the current number of sessions it is handling.

The reset button is equivalent to switching the command station off and on ( hard reset ).

Response Events

The tool can issue on or off response events to any requests that it hears on the network.

Event Response:

The requests can also be filtered by node.


No nodes are simulated by default.

When selecting a node, in enters in SLiM mode, you'll need to press the FLiM button to introduce it to the network.

When selecting a new node ( or disabling by selecting SLiM ), any existing events or node variables will be reset.

Simulated nodes currently provide node admin operations, however do not support actual incoming or outgoing events.

Current simulated nodes include :

Supported Operation Codes

Received by Simulator ( from other JMRI applications, and from external to JMRI )

Standard Command Station ( based on CANCMD firmware v3 )

Event Status Requests

Node Simulation

Sent by Simulator ( as inbound to other JMRI applications, and to external network)

Standard Command Station

Sent as event responses

Sent in Node Simulations


You can view this help page within JMRI by selecting Help > Window Help in the top bar of the CBUS Event Capture window.

Main JMRI CBUS Support page.

CBUS® is a registered trade mark of Dr Michael Bolton