JMRI : CBUS Command Station Monitor

Main Table - Monitoring train sessions.

Top Menu Items

Stop All Button - This is different to the JMRI throttle stop all in that this sends a system-wide stop, not just to JMRI throttles.

Track Power Button - On / Off / Unknown

Signal data Button - On / Off - Experimental

Session Columns Dropdown - Choose which columns to display in table

Main Table - Train List

Every train heard on the network will be added to the table, there is one row per loco.

Train speed and direction, function status etc. are updated in real time according to the latest instruction by a JMRI throttle, MERG CANCAB throttle controller, or CBUS connected Command Station.

Train Session columns :

CBUS Command Station Monitor Session Columns

Supported Operation Codes

Sent by the Command Station Monitor

Listeners for message sent, either by JMRI itself or external to JMRI


The Cab Signalling tool previously within this monitor has been relocated to the dedicated JMRI Cab Signal.

You can view this help page within JMRI by selecting Help > Window Help in the top bar of the CBUS Command Station Monitor.

Main JMRI CBUS Help page.

CBUS® is a registered trade mark of Dr Michael Bolton