The Logix Table

A Logix is a small group of Conditionals focused on a single task on the layout. Each Conditional may be viewed as a statement of the form:

if (logical expression) then (action).

The "logical expression" part of a Conditional tests the state of a group of user-specified conditions on the layout, for example, whether certain turnouts are closed or thrown, or whether a block is occupied. The "action" part of the Conditional specifies what action is to be taken if the state of the logical expression changes.

The Logix Table lists all currently defined Logix by their System Name and User Name.

Columns in the Logix Table

You may change the order of the columns by dragging their titles, and sort the rows by clicking one of the sort triangles next to a column title.

The last column of the table provides four things you can do with a Logix: Edit it, Browse it, Duplicate it, or Delete it. Simply clicking Select will drop down a menu with the choices: Edit, Browse, Copy, Delete.

The Enabled column allows you to enable (checked) or disable (unchecked) a Logix. A Logix does not have a state as many JMRI entities do. A Logix does have the capability of being "enabled" or "disabled". When a Logix is not enabled, the logical expressions of its Conditionals are still evaluated, but the actions specified in the Conditionals are not taken. When a Logix is enabled after having been disabled, its Conditionals are recalculated and appropriate actions taken.

Creating a Logix

To create a new Logix, click the Add... button at the bottom of the Logix Table. This will bring up a "Create Logix" pane. Entering a System Name and optionally a User Name, then clicking Create Logix, will create the Logix, and bring up the Edit Logix window. Once a Logix is created, its System Name cannot be changed. Its User Name, however, may be changed in either the Logix Table or the Edit Logix window. A new User Name may be any useful text, provided the new User Name was not already assigned to another Logix. (See also the separate help page on adding Logix and a step-by-step guide.)

Logix Table Menu

The File menu at the top of the Logix Table provides for printing this table and for storing the Logixs and their Conditionals in a layout configuration file. For details, see Loading and Storing Your Work.

The Options menu has 3 sections.

Logix Options Menu

The first section is used to Enable or Disable all of the Logix definitions.
since 4.7.3 The second section is used to select one of three methods for entering item names for the Logix Conditional Variables and Actions:

since 4.9.2 The third section is used to select the Conditional Editor.

The Tools menu has 5 items:

For more information, consult the main Logix documentation.

Logix Documentation Pages Logically Listed

Logix documentation is divided into eight different help pages. While these are referenced via links in various places, not all are easy to find (perhaps three links down). They are additionally listed here for convenience.