Interface SystemConnectionAction<M extends SystemConnectionMemo>

    • Method Detail

      • setSystemConnectionMemo

        void setSystemConnectionMemo​(@Nonnull
                                     M memo)
        Set the SystemConnectionMemo this action is bound to.

        Implementing classes may throw an IllegalArgumentException if the implementing class requires a specific subclass of SystemConnectionMemo.

        memo - the SystemConnectionMemo
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the SystemConnectionMemo is invalid
      • getSystemConnectionMemoClasses

        java.util.Set<java.lang.Class<? extends SystemConnectionMemo>> getSystemConnectionMemoClasses()
        Get a list of SystemConnectionMemo subclasses that the implementing class accepts.

        If the implementing class is a subclass of a class that does accept SystemConnectionMemos, but the implementing class does not accept any, return an empty array instead of null.

        Set of SystemConnectionMemo subclasses or empty array.