Class NceNamedPaneAction

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      • makePanel

        public JmriPanel makePanel()
        Description copied from class: JmriNamedPaneAction
        Invoked as part of the action being invoked, e.g. when button pressed or menu item selected, this runs the panel through the initial part of its life cycle and installs in the given window interface.

        If different or additional initialization is needed, inherit from this class and override this method to do it.

        makePanel in class JmriNamedPaneAction
      • getSystemConnectionMemoClasses

        public java.util.Set<java.lang.Class<? extends SystemConnectionMemo>> getSystemConnectionMemoClasses()
        Description copied from interface: SystemConnectionAction
        Get a list of SystemConnectionMemo subclasses that the implementing class accepts.

        If the implementing class is a subclass of a class that does accept SystemConnectionMemos, but the implementing class does not accept any, return an empty array instead of null.

        Set of SystemConnectionMemo subclasses or empty array.