Package jmri.jmrix.rps

This package contains software specific to the RPS system from NAC Services, Inc.

Tools are provided to input (and eventually output) several layers of information:

  • Raw input (Readings)
  • Processed values (Measurements)
  • ...
There are several pieces that do the behind the scene operation.
There's exactly one of these. It's basic function is to handle all the computations. These include:
  1. Hold the alignment and control information
  2. Receive Readings
  3. Distribute the Readings to anybody interested
  4. Compute Measurements from them
  5. Distribute the Measurements to whoever is interested
There can be at most one of these, which can manually update the alignment and control information.
Shows the Readings and Measurements as they are produced.
Connect (as configured) to a serial port and create Readings for the Distributor


  1. This provides only one computation at a time (through the Distributor), which is a bit of a pain when doing comparative work.
  2. The alignment constants are stored in a fixed file location in the JMRI preferences directory.

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