Class Analytic_AAlgorithm

    • Method Detail

      • solve

        public double[] solve​(double[][] Xs,
                              boolean[] SV,
                              double[] P,
                              double[] Xr)
        Xs - array with 3 columns and 32 rows, for the coordinates of the sat's
        SV - valid prn's
        P - pseudoranges (note: arrays actually have 33 rows, but row 0 is unused, in order to index by actual prn number)
        Xr - input of initial guess ( user position in ECEF)
        [X, X, X, Cr] output of final position and receiver clock error return null if calculation failed //do: throw exception instead
      • sub

        public double sub​(double[][] A,
                          int r,
                          int c)
        ************************************************************************* finds the determinant of a minor of a 4 x 4 matrix
        A - input 4 x 4 array
        r - the row to be deleted
        c - the column to be deleted
        subdet determinant of the resulting 3 x 3 matrix