Class Ash1_0Algorithm

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public class Ash1_0Algorithm
extends Object
implements Calculator
Implementation of 1st algorithm for reducing Readings

This algorithm was provided by Robert Ashenfelter based in part on the work of Ralph Bucher in his paper "Exact Solution for Three Dimensional Hyperbolic Positioning Algorithm and Synthesizable VHDL Model for Hardware Implementation".

Neither Ashenfelter nor Bucher provide any guarantee as to the intellectual property status of this algorithm. Use it at your own risk.

  • Nested Class Summary

    Nested Classes 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    (package private) static class  Ash1_0Algorithm.RetVal
    Internal class to handle return value.
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    (package private) static int NMAX  
    (package private) static int OFFSET
    The following is the original algorithm, as provided by Ash as a C routine
    (package private) double ri  
    (package private) double rj  
    (package private) double rk  
    (package private) double Rmax  
    (package private) Point3d[] sensors  
    (package private) static int TMAX  
    (package private) double Vs  
    (package private) double x  
    (package private) double x0  
    (package private) double x1  
    (package private) double x2  
    (package private) double xi  
    (package private) double xj  
    (package private) double xk  
    (package private) double Xt  
    (package private) double y  
    (package private) double y0  
    (package private) double y1  
    (package private) double y2  
    (package private) double yi  
    (package private) double yj  
    (package private) double yk  
    (package private) double Yt  
    (package private) double z  
    (package private) double z0  
    (package private) double z1  
    (package private) double z2  
    (package private) double zi  
    (package private) double zj  
    (package private) double zk  
    (package private) double Zt  
  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
    Ash1_0Algorithm​(Point3d[] sensors, double vsound)  
    Ash1_0Algorithm​(Point3d sensor1, Point3d sensor2, Point3d sensor3, double vsound)  
    Ash1_0Algorithm​(Point3d sensor1, Point3d sensor2, Point3d sensor3, Point3d sensor4, double vsound)  
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    Measurement convert​(Reading r)  
    Measurement convert​(Reading r, Point3d guess)
    Seed the conversion using an estimated position
    Measurement convert​(Reading r, Measurement last)
    Seed the conversion using a last measurement
    (package private) int gps3()  
    (package private) Ash1_0Algorithm.RetVal RPSpos​(int nr, double[] Tr, double[] Xr, double[] Yr, double[] Zr, double Vs, double Xt, double Yt, double Zt)  
    (package private) double wgt()  

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