Class JmriPanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractLoaderPane, AbstractMonPane, AddEntryExitPairPanel, AddNewBeanPanel, AddNewDevicePanel, AddNewHardwareDevicePanel, AppConfigBase, BeanTablePane, CabSignalPane, CanPanel, Dcc4PcPanel, EcosPanel, HubPane, LayoutBlockRouteTable, LnPanel, LocoSelPane, Log4JTreePane, Log4JTreePane, ManagerDefaultsConfigPane, MarklinPanel, MrcPanel, Mx1Panel, NcePanel, NetworkTreePane, NewLocoSelPane, PowerlinePanel, PowerPane, RfidPanel, RosterTable, SampleConfigPane, SignallingPanel, SignallingSourcePanel, SignalMastRepeaterPanel, SpeedProfilePanel, TamsPanel, UserMessagePreferencesPane

public class JmriPanel
extends JPanel
JPanel extension to handle automatic creation of window title and help reference.

For use with JmriAbstractAction or preferably JmriNamedPaneAction.

The expected initialization sequence is:

  1. The constructor, which can initialize internal variables, but shouldn't expose the object by installing any listeners, etc.
  2. initComponents() is called, which initializes Swing components and can make other external references.
  3. initContext(Object context) is called, which can make outside connections.
  4. Optionally, other usage-specific initialization methods can be called as needed.

A WindowInterface property is provided for use when the JmriPanel's controller logic wants to open a window or dialog in a position relative to this panel.

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