Class PrintRosterEntry

    • Constructor Detail

      • PrintRosterEntry

        public PrintRosterEntry​(RosterEntry rosterEntry,
                                JmriJFrame parent,
                                java.lang.String programmerFilename)
        Constructor for a Print roster item (programmer tabs) selection pane from an XML definition file. Includes <pane> elements (tabs) from Programmer (generic) as well as rosterEntry decoder.xml Called from RosterFrame > PreviewAll context menu.
        rosterEntry - Roster item, either as a selection or object
        parent - window over which this dialog will be centered
        programmerFilename - xml file name for programmer used in printing.
      • PrintRosterEntry

        public PrintRosterEntry​(RosterEntry rosterEntry,
                                java.util.List<javax.swing.JPanel> paneList,
                                FunctionLabelPane flPane,
                                RosterMediaPane rMPane,
                                JmriJFrame parent)
        Configure variable fields and create a PrintRosterEntry instance while doing so. Includes all (visible) Roster Entry programmer <pane> elements (tabs).
        rosterEntry - an item in the Roster
        paneList - list of programmer tabs, including all properties
        flPane - extra pane w/checkbox to select printing of "Function List"
        rMPane - pane containing roster media (image)
        parent - window over which this dialog will be centered
    • Method Detail

      • enableButtons

        public void enableButtons​(boolean enable)
        Description copied from interface: PaneContainer
        Enable the read/write buttons.

        In addition, if a programming mode pane is present, it's "set" button is enabled.

        Specified by:
        enableButtons in interface PaneContainer
        enable - Are reads possible? If false, so not enable the read buttons.
      • doPrintPanes

        public void doPrintPanes​(boolean preview)
        Write a series of 'pages' to graphic output using HardcopyWriter.
        preview - true if output should go to the Preview panel, false to output to a printer
      • printPanes

        public void printPanes​(boolean preview)
        Create and display a pane to the user to select which Programmer tabs to include in printout.
        preview - true if output should go to a Preview pane on screen, false to output to a printer (dialog)
      • printInfoSection

        public void printInfoSection​(HardcopyWriter w)
        Write the page header to graphic output, using HardcopyWriter w.

        Includes the DecoderPro logo image at top right.

        w - the active HardcopyWriter instance to be used