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Interface Throttle

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AbstractThrottle, CbusThrottle, DCCppThrottle, DebugThrottle, EasyDccThrottle, EcosDccThrottle, EliteXNetThrottle, Ib1Throttle, Ib2Throttle, LocoNetThrottle, MarklinThrottle, MrcThrottle, Mx1Throttle, NceThrottle, OlcbThrottle, Pr2Throttle, RocoXNetThrottle, SerialThrottle, SprogCSThrottle, SprogThrottle, SRCPThrottle, TamsThrottle, Throttle, XNetThrottle, XpaThrottle, Z21XNetThrottle

public interface Throttle
extends PropertyChangeProvider
A Throttle object can be manipulated to change the speed, direction and functions of a single locomotive.

A Throttle implementation provides the actual control mechanism. These are obtained via a ThrottleManager.

With some control systems, there are only a limited number of Throttle's available.

On DCC systems, Throttles are often actually DccThrottle objects, which have some additional DCC-specific capabilities.

PropertyChangeEvents that can be listened to include

  • SpeedSetting, SpeedSteps, isForward
  • F0, F1, F2 .. F27, F28, F29, F30 ..
  • F0Momentary, F1Momentary, F2Momentary .. F28Momentary .. F29Momentary ..
  • ThrottleAssigned, throttleRemoved, throttleConnected, throttleNotFoundInRemoval
  • DispatchEnabled, ReleaseEnabled