Package jmri

Interface ThrottleListener

    • Method Detail

      • notifyThrottleFound

        void notifyThrottleFound​(DccThrottle t)
        Get notification that a throttle has been found as requested.
        t - the throttle with the requested address
      • notifyFailedThrottleRequest

        void notifyFailedThrottleRequest​(LocoAddress address,
                                         java.lang.String reason)
        Get notification that an attempt to request a throttle has failed.
        address - address of the failed request
        reason - failure cause
      • notifyDecisionRequired

        void notifyDecisionRequired​(LocoAddress address,
                                    ThrottleListener.DecisionType question)
        Get notification that a throttle request is in use by another device, and a "steal", "share", or "steal/share" decision may be required.
        address - The LocoAddress that needs the decision.
        question - The question being asked, steal / cancel, share / cancel, steal / share / cancel