Package jmri.jmrit

Class AbstractIdentify

    • Method Detail

      • test1

        public abstract boolean test1()
      • test2

        public abstract boolean test2​(int value)
      • test3

        public abstract boolean test3​(int value)
      • test4

        public abstract boolean test4​(int value)
      • test5

        public abstract boolean test5​(int value)
      • test6

        public abstract boolean test6​(int value)
      • test7

        public abstract boolean test7​(int value)
      • test8

        public abstract boolean test8​(int value)
      • test9

        public abstract boolean test9​(int value)
      • statusUpdate

        protected abstract void statusUpdate​(java.lang.String status)
        Update the status field (if any). Invoked with "Done" when the results are in.
        status - the new status
      • start

        public void start()
        Start the identification state machine.
      • identifyDone

        protected void identifyDone()
        Stop the identification state machine. This also stops the identification process. Its invoked when a testN returns true; that routine should _not_ have invoked a read or write that will result in a callback.
      • programmingOpReply

        public void programmingOpReply​(int value,
                                       int status)
        Internal method to handle the programmer callbacks, e.g. when a CV read request terminates. Each will reduce (if possible) the list of consistent decoders, and starts the next step.
        Specified by:
        programmingOpReply in interface ProgListener
        value - the value returned
        status - the status reported
      • error

        protected abstract void error()
        Abstract routine to notify of errors.
      • isRunning

        public boolean isRunning()
        To check if running now.
        true if running; false otherwise
      • readCV

        protected void readCV​(java.lang.String cv)
        Read a single CV for the next step.
        cv - the CV to read
      • writeCV

        protected void writeCV​(java.lang.String cv,
                               int value)
        Write a single CV for the next step.
        cv - the CV to write
        value - to write to the CV
      • isOptionalCv

        public boolean isOptionalCv()
        Check the current status of the optionalCv flag.
        • If true, prevents the next CV read from aborting the identification process.
        • Always false after a successful read.
        the current status of the optionalCv flag
      • setOptionalCv

        public void setOptionalCv​(boolean flag)
        Specify whether the next CV read may legitimately fail in some cases.
        flag - Set true to indicate that the next read may fail. A successful read will automatically set to false.