Class OffsetHighCvProgrammerFacade

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, ProgListener, Programmer

public class OffsetHighCvProgrammerFacade
extends AbstractProgrammerFacade
implements ProgListener
Programmer facade, at this point just an example.

This is for decoders that have an alternate high-CV access method for command stations that can't address all 1024. It falls back to that mode if the CS can't directly address an requested CV address. In the fall back, CVs from 0 to "top" are addressed directly. Above the top CV, the upper part of the address is written to a specific CV, followed by an operation to just the lower part of the address. The upper and lower parts are calculated using a supplied modulus, e.g. 100.

For example, to write the value N to CV xyy, this will do (modulo = 100):

  • Write x*10 to CV7 where 10 is cvFactor and 7 is addrCV
  • Write N to CVyy

This method is used by some Zimo decoders

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