Package jmri

Interface CommandStation

All Known Implementing Classes:
CbusCommandStation, DCCppCommandStation, EasyDccCommandStation, HornbyEliteCommandStation, LenzCommandStation, MarklinTrafficController, Mx1CommandStation, NceTrafficController, RocoCommandStation, RocoZ21CommandStation, SlotManager, SprogCommandStation, TamsTrafficController, TrafficController, UhlenbrockSlotManager

public interface CommandStation
Provide a DCC command station's basic ability: Sending DCC packets to the rails.

Note that this is separate from higher-level things like access to Throttle capability (e.g. via ThrottleManager), more convenient sending of accessory command messages via JMRI Turnout objects, programming via service mode (Programmer) or on-main programmers (AddressedProgrammer) etc.

System-specific implementations can be obtained via the InstanceManager class.