JMRI: Southern Pacific 1969 Signalling Definition

This directory contains signaling definitions corresponding to the 1969 Southern Pacific Transportation Company rules as described in the "Rules and Regulations of the Transportation Department" booklet.

The Southern Pacific 1969 rulebook may be available in the files section of JMRI users Yahoo group, now at

There are three icon sets defined for most masts.

Not all masts have a dwarf form and those affected masts do not have the dwarf icon set. If using the animated icons be sure to set the rotation of the mast to 0.

Default DCC aspect numbers have been chosen to match the BNSF and UP definitions so that hardware that is compatible with those definitions can be used with this one too.

To backdate this definition to be compatible with the 1960 rulebook it is just a simple matter of disabling the flashing red restricting aspect in the edit dialogue on any searchlight masts which have it.

See the aspect page.

Signal Mast definitions: