JMRI: LMS New Lines and Mirfield speed signals 1932-1988

This signal system contains signalling definitions for the LMS speed signalling systems installed at Mirfield in Yorkshire and on the 'New Lines' in London, England in 1932 and later modified in 1937 and 1959 before being replaced with conventional signalling in 1959 (Bow-Upminster), 1970 (Mirfield) and 1988 (Camden-Watford).

The 1937 change involved extinguishing the lower red 'marker' lamp when the signal was not showing stop implementing 1933 ministry of transport recommendations to standardise signalling and the 1959 change removed the yellow over green advance caution aspect changing it to an additional yellow over yellow bringing the aspects in to line with the rest of BR.

Some extra aspect definitions have been provided for the signals that were not provided on the prototype but might have been needed had the Mirfield system been extended or more widely adopted.

References can be seen at LMS Mirfield Speed Signalling and LMS New Lines Signalling

Aspect Files in XML Format

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Signal Mast definitions 1932-:

Signal Mast definitions 1937-: Signal Mast definitions 1959-: