JMRI: CSX 'Chessie' 2014 Signaling Definition

This directory contains signaling definitions corresponding to the CSX Transportation 'Chessie' Signal Rules - C1281-C1292, January 2014.

CSX, former B&O and B&O Semaphore rules 1281-1298, and Conrail rules CR1280-CR1295 are not included in this system but are available seperately in their respective definitions.

The included masts are the types anticipated to be most likely used. If the exact mast is not available you should be able to use one that has just one or two extra lamps. Unlike most other North American systems the illumination or darkness of red lamps on the lower heads does convey meaning so be careful if leaving off or adding red lamps.

Where possible the default aspect numbers match similar appearances in the BNSF and UP, definitions in order that hardware intended to be used with those defintions will work for the most part with this defintion with minimal reconfiguration.

See the aspect page to see the aspect that can be displayed with the defined masts listed below.

Signal Mast definitions: