JMRI: BN-1989 Signaling Definition

This directory contains signaling definitions corresponding to the BN (Burlington Northern) rules as described in the October 1989 Burlington Northern Railroad Southern Region, Nebraska Division Timetable #2. In effect at 0001 Continental Mountain Time, Sunday October 29, 1989.

Per Burlington Northern General Signal Instructions, Dwarf signals display the same aspects and indications as high signals.

Signal aspects can be referenced in the 1991 timetable here:-

Timetable 1991. Note that the double head searchlight with Lunar is the only mast able to display all of the aspects. Not all of the possible masts have been defined but there is a varied selection here that should cover most requirements. Due to the nature of this being a simplified prototype system it is not easy to display all the possible variations of the same aspect on a mast and this should not be necessary. Where a mast can display different variations of an aspect (e.g. Diverging Clear) where possible the Restricted Proceed aspect is shown for the alternative diverging route.

See the Aspects page.

Signal Mast definitions: