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Migrating Soundtraxx Tsunami Steam Decoders in JMRI 2.7.5

With the 2.7.5 release of JMRI/DecoderPro, we are introducing the new Tsunami consolidated steam definition file. This new file combines all the different "retail" Tsunami steam models into one file (see note below). In addition, the models are now broken down into the TSU-750 series and TSU-1000 series so that the definitions presented in DecoderPro more closely match the exact decoder you're using.

The existing DecoderPro decoder model names simply don't take into account these different series of decoders, so in order to do this, it was necessary to create new (and additional) names for the decoder models. The new descriptive names should aid in selecting the proper decoder.

Because of this, it will be necessary to update your existing Tsunami steam roster files to the new naming convention. This tool has been created to aid that task. Note that this is a one-time task; any future roster entries made will be using the new names from now on.


That's it. The next time you select your locomotive, it will display with the updated naming.

Note about retail Tsunamis: This consolidated file contains those decoders sold in the retail trade. It does not include the Tsunami OEM decoders, such as Bachmann and Athearn. However, since Athearn does not have a separate DecoderPro definition (as of this writing), this consolidated steam file should be able to handle any Athearn Tsunami steam decoder reasonably well as long as the user understands that some features may not apply, and others (such as the whistle lists) will not reflect what is in his model. Bachmann OEM decoders have their own definition file in DecoderPro.