OpenLCB Event Table Frame

This provides a table view of the Events, Producers and Consumers in your OpenLCB network.

The primary purpose of the Event Table is three fold:

You can resize and sort the columns using the header row.

Pressing the "Update from Network" button will load the table from the network. This might take a couple seconds. You should press it again after changes like adding nodes, changing their configuration, etc. The table cannot detect those changes automatically.

If node names (4th and 6th columns) don't show up immediately, press "Update from Network" a second time.

If you have a configuration window open on one or more events and click "Update from Network", the right-hand column will show the tree-walking display of where each event is referenced in those configuration windows. This can help you determine the function of the producers and consumers. You might need to resize the column to see the complete entry.

Note that the "Update from Network" button does a "Verify Events" operation on the network. Some nodes consider this to be a start-of-day, power-up operation and might change the status of their outputs due to that.

You can enter names for events in the 2nd column. Click on the cell to open it for editing. Hit return when done. These will be saved automatically and loaded when you next start JMRI.

Checking the "Require label" box will display only events with labels. This lets you ignore events that you haven't labeled as interesting.

Checking the "Require both producer(s) and consumer(s)" box will display only those events that have both at least one producer and at least one consumer. These are the events that actually do something on your LCC network.

Checking the "Popcorn mode" will highlight the producer for every event that JMRI sees being produced. Since the window scrolls to show the event, this can result in the screen jumping around when it's enabled. If there's a lot of traffic, this can slow your computer down significantly, so only enable it when you want to use it.

Entering an event ID in the find box and clicking "Find" will highlight every occurrence of that event. The window will scroll to show the first one if needed.

Pressing the "Names from Sensors" will fill in the event name column with the user names from the corresponding JMRI Sensors. Pressing the "Names from Turnouts" button will fill in the event name column with the user names from the corresponding JMRI Turnouts. Note that only empty entries will be filled; this does not overwrite any existing names.