JMRI: Maple Input and Output Assignments

This tool lets you display Sensor, Turnout and Light assignments for your Maple Panels and match them to Maple HMI Panel addresses.

On Maple, the coil bits in the Maple HMI's are used to communicate with JMRI. The first 1000 coil bits are reserved for Sensors--these are referred to as "Input Bits" and are used to set JMRI Sensors. Sensors pass information from the HMI panels to JMRI. The next 8000 bits are reserved for "Output Bits" and are used to send the current settings of Turnouts and Lights to the Maple Panels.

The Node popup menu at the top of the display allows the user to see the HMI Station Address of all Maple panels that are currently configured. Since all panels use the same addresses, selecting a specific panel does not change the information displayed. The number of configured input and output bits is also displayed.

Choose between displaying input or output bits by selecting either Show Input Bits or Show Output Bits at the top of the display. JMRI bit number and the corresponding Maple HMI coil bit address are displayed for each configured bit. The JMRI System Name and the JMRI User Name is displayed if the bit has a JMRI assignment. Bits that do not display a JMRI System Name are configured and are available for assignment.

Background Information: In this Maple to JMRI implementation, all panels have exactly the same input and output bit assignments. Output bits are sent in "Broadcast Mode" so all panels can see the settings. Each panel is polled separately, and the results of the polls are ORed together to set Sensors. Therefore if a Sensor is ACTIVE (Maple "1") in any panel, it is set ACTIVE. If a Sensor is INACTIVE (Maple "0") in all configured panels, then it is set INACTIVE.